Florida Housing Market Bouncing Back….

Florida Housing Market Bouncing Back….

Florida’s real estate market is entering 2012 on an upward trend, according to three leading U.S. economists. Florida Realtors Chief Economist Dr. John Tuccillo says, “Our sate is in a mini-recovery” and “sales are trending up, listing inventories have fallen, the supply of lender-related properties has stabalized, and we are seeing multiple offers on home in some local markets.”

In Fact…

Dr. Tuccillo says homes in Florida may be undervalued. “That may sound like a drastic statement,” he said. ” But a buyer who plans to own the home for 5-7 years can get some great bargains today.” Interesting statistic from South Florida I heard yesterday said at one point Miami had 9 years worth of inventory, now with decreased number of homes on the market and high buyer activity has dropped that number to less than one year. The South Florida economy is growing  based on relationships with Latin America and the Carribbean. Dr. Lawrence Yun says, “Don’t be surprised to see a gain in home prices in the Miami and Naples markets in the next 18 months.””From there, the recovery is likely to roll northward to Central Florida and then North Florida.”International buyers are driving the market in South Florida and other areas of the state.”

What about Ocala….

We are seeing positive signs locally including a drop in unemployment and reduced housing inventory. Banks are slowly releasing foreclosed/REO homes on the market and this is creating a negotiating competition between buyers. Many of the more inexpensive homes are only on the market for 1-2 weeks. We are still facing challenges getting buyers qualified for financing, however with the USDA loan programs and FHA there is great opportunity. Another key factor is the high price for rentals and availability. In todays market you can buy a home for the same or lower than you can rent. The benefits of buying to renting can create tax benefits, provide stability because there is no landlord who can ever raise your rent or sell the home without your approval.

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