Rountree Realty was opened in 2008, during the recession. Sounds crazy, right? During that time, Duke Rountree (broker/realtor) saw a need in his community for a real estate brokerage. So what did he do? He did what no one else had and opened the only real estate office in the area at that time.

It was decided that the world of real estate was changing, buyers and sellers were no longer needing or wanting to visit brick and mortar offices. Rountree Realty focused their efforts on high touch 5 star customer service and technology to run their business.

Rountree Realty takes an active interest in their clients’ lives, getting to know their families and maintaining friendships with them long after closing the sale. Whether they are helping out in the community, reaching out to past customers to check in on their lives, or doing giveaways to provide some joy in trying times, Rountree Realty prides themselves on curating unique experiences that add positivity to the realtor-client relationship, even after closing.

The goal for Rountree Realty was to provide the best customer service, best knowledge, best technology, best tools, and best marketing for every customer. This goal has not changed today.