Student Loan Debt and Buying a Home!

There has been talk in the news lately about rising student debt preventing young Americans from become homeowners. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported last week that student loan debt rose more than 5% in the forth quarter of 2013 and now tops $1 Trillion(or $1,000,000,000) now thats a lot of $0’s and a lot of debt. “From Feb. 20 to 23, Redfin surveyed 1,912 home-buying clients, of which 965 were buying a home for the first time. Among the first-timers, 16 percent said that student debt had previously kept them from buying a home,” says Redfin Special Report by Ellen Haberle.

High Student Loan Debt and Buying a Home

Of course this is small pool of buyers and the article does not discuss the geographical area this survey covers. Buying a home in Washington D.C. compared to Ocala, Florida sure does make a difference in your buying power. Despite these statistics, many lenders do not view student loan debt in the same manner as credit cards or car loans. If there is a concern contact a local Realtor for guidance or check with your current lending/banking institution.

I think many of the buyers waiting on the fence could miss the great value and extremely low rates. Many parts of the country we are finding rental rates much higher than traditional mortgage loan payments and often times less square footage with lower quality of life. If you think your student loans will keep you from getting a mortgage? CALL/TEXT 352-572-1739 or to find out how I can help you make that dream of homeownership happen sooner rather than later.

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