3 Keys to Buying in Ocala Housing Market

3 Keys to Buying in Ocala’s Housing Market

Buying a new or existing home can be a challenge for 1st time homebuyers and even for the experienced homebuyer. However, if you take a few steps and learn the process it can help ease some of the stresses that go along with your home purchase.


Find a good, NO Great REALTOR! First, ask for a referral from a friend or family member. Word of mouth is the best way to find a REALTOR in your area to assist with the process. It can be simple(internet) or difficult(print advertising) to sit at your home, office or restaurant and search for hours looking at property listings. A local REALTOR will have the insight, knowledge and tools to make searching easier.

Example: How can 2 similar homes, one located in Silver Springs Shores(Under $100k) and another in the Magnolia Pointe(Under $200k) have such different price. It could be features, supply or most importantly LOCATION.


This is the first thing they teach you in real estate school. It determines everything! You can have the nicest house in all of Central Florida, but if the location is bad it will have a huge negative effect including lower price and overall salability of the property. Are your interested in certain schools, being close to work or recreation. Many REALTOR programs can be set-up to do auto searches for particular areas, price ranges and any other features you desire.


Interest rates are at an all time low with many 30 year mortgages hovering around 4% for those with great credit history. Here are a few loan products to chose from; USDA, Rural loan allows for up to 102% of appraised value to be financed; FHA is 3.5% Down with approx. another 3% in closing cost which can be paid by seller; VA is 0% down for active or retired military with funding fee paid at closing. There are many more options and loan products and finding a GREAT Mortgage Broker with years of experience can save you lots of time and money.


Finding a team of professionals to help in buying your next home, and finding them early can save you TIME and MONEY! If you need a GREAT REALTOR, please contact me at 352-572-1739 or duke@ocalarealtyonline.com. Looking for a GREAT LENDER? Contact me too.


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