Your Cell Phone can Save Your Life? Huh?

It’s an app that could possibly keep you safe or maybe even save your life! What would you do if you were walking alone at night and see someone following you. If you dial 911, it can take up to 6 minutes for the police to track your location because they MUST get permission. That 6 minutes could make a huge difference in the safety of your well being.

StreetSafe was invented eliminate the time it takes for 911 services to respond. it uses GPS tracking and relays your position to the authorities, and transmits your identification information to the authorities age, physical description, etc.

How Does it work?

If you slide the red button, StreetSafe silently contacts your local 911. If your in danger, keep your finger on the red alarm button and tuck it in your pocket, if you slide the green button, your immediately connected to a call center staffed by trained safety advisors and off-duty police officers. This “green” button feature sets them apart because it allows users to talk with experts on safety tips before things get too serious.

What About Privacy?

Creator Tom Rissman of StreetSafe says the app is not a tracking device others can use against you. “Our information is kept solely to us and shared with the police and ONLY the police” in case of emergency, he said.


Either $19.99 per month or save a few bucks and go for the one year subscription for $149.99 and includes the security service. visit for more details.

“Until Next Time”