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WOW, what a process to revamp and create a new website. PC House Productions handled the design and creation of my new logo and website, but the time it takes to create new content, input all of my properties and add all of the features is very time consuming. Oh well, enough about my trails and tribulations with the new site.

Why did I create a new website and, more importantly, start blogging? Simple, to better inform and connect with my customers, friends and family. It is my goal too provide a fun and informative place to find information about anything and everything the Ocala/Marion County area has to offer. I know, I know, this seems like a lofty goal, but I can only accomplish it with “your” help. Please subscribe to my blog, today, and tell me what information you would like reported. How about local market updates, subdivision information, community events, building and zoning issues, or maybe you want to know about local events and happenings? Sign up today and receive a “FREE Market Analysis” on your home.