Google New Patent Ad

“Advertising Based on Environmental Conditions”

This is the goal of the newest Google patent that will use data gathered by smartphone sensors to target ads at users, PC World reports. Temperature can be gathered from the smartphone, web browser or search engine located  at the user’s site and obtain information on the environment including temp., humidity, light, sound and air composition.

Why would they care?

Example would be winter season comes and triggers ads for Local Heater & Repair companies and vice versa for warm climate or rainy climate. The patent will also allow Google to analyze background noise. Say you are at a concert and make a phone call, Google could be able to determine your taste and push ads for albums, tickets or musical equipment to the phone.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Well you don’t have to do anything now, because it is only a patent filed by Google. Google also assures us they will notify users if and when they implement the technology to protect your privacy by opting in or out. If you use Google products now you should always check your user setting to make sure you are not sharing information, you do not wish to share.

Happy Smartphone Surfing or Appling, Whichever You Prefer!

“Until Next Time”