Filing For Homestead Exemption


  1. Must be a permanent resident of Florida as of January 1, living on property for which homestead exemption is being claimed. File by March 1.
  2. Proof of ownership as of January 1: Recorded deed, recorded contract. No unrecorded document per 1993 Legislature (F.S. 196.031).
  3. Copy of trust agreement for properties held in trust.
  4. If living in a mobile home, bring the title or last tag registration in applicants name. See Mobile Homes below.
  5. Florida Operator Driver License (NOT “valid Florida only”) for all owner applicants who are licensed to drive.
  6. Florida auto registrations or tag numbers for applicant(s) and spouse(s).
  7. If you are a registered voter, bring proof of Marion County registration or proof of relinquishing in former precinct.
  8. If you are not a US Citizen, bring permanent alien card(s) for applicant(s) and spouse(s).
  9. Social Security card(s) for applicant(s) and spouse(s). *
  10. Death certificate of spouse to apply for widow/widower exemption.


This office may request additional proof of permanent FL residency such as Declaration of Domicile and/or copy of applicant’s IRS Return. For information on the above, or if there is something on the list you don’t have, or for information regarding disability exemptions, please call (352) 368-8300.


* Disclosure of your social security number is mandatory. It is required by section 196.011 1-, Florida Statutes. The social security number will be used to verify taxpayer identity information, homestead exemption information submitted by property appraisers, and intangible tax information submitted to the Department of Revenue. Failure to provide your social security number will disqualify you from receiving the Homestead Exemption.

How to Apply