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I hope everyone is having a great week! This blogpost is particularly for first time home buyers. Right now there are so many financing programs out there to help first time home buyers achieve the goal of homeownership. The best part is with little money out of pocket!! Your path to homeownership may involve qualifying for one or more program options, which are aimed at helping people overcome the costly hurdles of buying a home and maintaining it. For example, you can purchase a home in an USDA eligible area and receive 100% USDA financing with no down payment. . ***some restrictions may apply*** 

To find out more about this loan product and several others available for first time home buyers please give me a call! I have a list of lenders that would be able to assist you with financing a home! Please note that 100% USDA financing is not just for first time home buyers. 


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USDA Still has NO Downpayment Loans

USDA still has No Down Payment loans.

U.S. department of agriculture has 11.2 Billion, yes billion, earmarked for mortgage loans thanks to funding from federal programs. Called a Section 502 loan, the loan is one of the few zero down products available in the mortgage market.

In years past money would run out during the summer and buyers would have to wait for more money to be available. Most low to middle income Florida residents can qualify for the USDA Loan if they live in rural, small town cities.

The program will change slightly after Oct. 1, when buyers will be required to pay a 0.3 percent premium for mortgage insurance monthly; however, the cost of upfront mortgage insurance will be reduced to 2 percent from its current 3.5 percent.

For more information, visit the USDA’s website or Call/Text me to find a local lender to answer all of your questions.

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