Thinking About Buying A Foreclosure, Short Sale or Auction Property?

Before Buying a Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Auction Property: 3 Things to Think About

There can be great bargains in buying a foreclosure, short sale, or auction property but buyers need to proceed with caution. Many of these types of homes can be purchased at 20-40% less than traditional reseller prices, however consider these tips before proceeding;

#1 First consider buying an REO(Real Estate Owned) bank owned property before considering a short sale or auction property. WHY? Because short sale can be lengthy to negotiate and auction properties often require an all cash purchase. REO/ bank owned properties do not have an emotional connection but simply want to recoup as much money as possible.

#2 HAVE AN INSPECTION DONE! Did you notice this is in caps w/ exclamation point. In my opinion you should have an inspection done on any home purchase. Over 12 years of experience and thousands of homes viewed has proven to me even new construction can have issues and buyers need to protect their largest investment and make sure the home is operational & most importantly safe.

#3 Don’t expect appreciation right away. I caution buyers who buy properties at big discounts from thinking they will see appreciation right away. We are still in a depressed market and probably not going to see appreciation in the near future. Finding a good REALTOR to educate you about the local market and trends .

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