Delays in Foreclosures Reach New Records!

Delays in Foreclosures Reach New Records! Home owners are living in their homes, mortgage & rent free, on average for 20 months or 599 days which is a new record according to data collected by Lender Processing Services, LLP.

There are approximately 1.9 million homes loans that are 90 or more days late, but not yet in foreclosure and 42% of those home owners have not made a payment in more than one year, with average delinquency of 397 days.

Why so long? Well there are judicial states and non-judicial states and the time frame to complete the foreclosure process varies greatly. Florida is non-judicial state and could possible clear inventories within 32 months, compared to a judicial state, like Las Vegas, that would require up to 111months. OUCH!! Yes that is correct, 111 MONTHS to work through inventories that are more than 90 days late.

In my opinion we will be working through these issue for many years to come, maybe upwards of 5-10 years and who really knows. I do know if we do not start creating jobs and help small business owners, it will take even longer because there are not enough qualified people to purchase new or existing homes.

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Freddie Mac Summer Special Deal

GREAT NEWS for Buyers and Sellers!

Freddie Mac is offering a “SUMMER SALES PROMOTION.” Upon qualified closing, HomeSteps will pay up to 3.5% of the purchase price of your home to cover certain closing costs. For instance, if your purchase price is $125,000, and your closing costs are $4,250, HomeSteps will only pay $4,250, an amount equal to 3.4% of your purchase price. Of course, not all homes or borrowers will qualify and the incentive is ONLY good to owner-occupants. You can visit, for all details.

BUT WAIT? There is more to this sweet deal!

Homesteps SmartBuy Program is also offering a 2 year HomeProtect Home Warranty and HomeProtect Appliance Discount The HomeProtect Home Warranty and HomeProtect Appliance Discount are available only to Participants who purchase and close on a qualifying HomeSteps home during the Program. The HomeProtect Home Warranty begins upon your qualifying home purchase closing date and continues for two years from that date. The HomeProtect Home Warranty has further restrictions and exceptions. Please see the HomeProtect® Home Warranty Terms and Conditions for all of the details. The HomeProtect Appliance Discount provides savings up to 30% savings on new appliances.

HOMES FOR SALE by Freddie Mac?

Where are they? In just about every location across the United States and Puerto Rico

How do you get more information? Contact your REALTOR® or better yet, if you do not have one, please contact ME! Or, you can visit,, and search any state, county or zip code for homes available in the program.


The offer is only good May 16, 2011 – July 31, 2011 with escrow closed on or before September 30, 2011. Now is a great time buy with low home prices, super low interest rates, and this new program could get you into a new/reseller home with little to no money down.

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