How to Save Money Around Your Home

Soaring inflation, sky-rocketing gas prices and rising utility costs has led to stretched monthly budgets across the board, but there are still plenty of opportunities to save money at home. Whether it’s doing laundry the energy-efficient way, switching the direction of your ceiling fan based on the season or using coupons, we’ve got tips to help you ease the strain of inflation.

Don’t buy bottled water: Bottled water seems cheap, but it gets expensive fast. Settle for a water filter pitcher, and you can use tap water. It’s cheaper over time, and it’s better for the environment, too.

Make your own coffee: It seems obvious, but those daily cafe Americanos can easily take a chunk out of your bank account. Use a coffee maker or French press to get your caffeine fix instead.

Keep your freezer full: When you keep your freezer full, it works more efficiently, taking less energy to keep the contents cold.

Keep your dishwasher full, too: Running half-loads of dishes is a quick way to waste water and dish detergent.

Break out that Dutch oven: It could be a Dutch oven or a slow cooker of any kind, but cooking in bulk really helps cut down the costs associated with more individual-size meals.

Eat leftovers: This isn’t a tip so much as a choice. Keep your leftovers and don’t give yourself the excuse not to eat them. It’ll stretch your dollar way further.

Run full loads of laundry: Pack your washer to capacity, because you’re going to use the same water either way. May as well get as much use from it as you can.

Lower the temp on water heater: Check the temperature on your water heater. You generally don’t it to be above 120 degrees, and higher temps come with higher fees.

Change filters: It’s not just your water heater’s inefficiency costing you money; your HVAC system can burn a hole in your wallet if you haven’t changed its filter recently, so learn when to swap in a new filter.

Pay bills online: There are few things I hate more than late fees on bills. Setting up autopay on your electricity and water bills will help avoid those unnecessary fees, and they’ll also remove the need for postage on paper bills.

Unsubscribe from services: While you’re thinking about bills, check on your subscriptions. If you haven’t used a certain streaming service or that fitness app in a month or more, cancel it. You can always restart it in a few minutes if you change your mind.

Switch fan direction: Most ceiling fans have a small switch on them that changes the direction they spin. In the summer, run the fan counter-clockwise so it blows air down on you. This can help avoid the need for more air conditioning.

Use energy-efficient bulbs: LED bulbs cost more to buy, but in the long term, they cut down on electricity costs. As bulbs burn out in your house, make the switch.

Some of these tips may seem obvious, but when expenses keep going up, even little savings can help.

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